Ch. 3 (DA) 5 Paragraph Essay

Paradox: Happy yet sad

Throughout life many people have experiences where they have a positive yet negative effect on their lives. When people experience this, they are experiencing a paradox. Whether it be at school, work, or just in life, paradoxes are all around us and come in different times in our lives.

The workplace is a good example where one might experience a paradox. For example, if you’ve worked for a company for years and years and you find a new job, the feeling of starting a new job can be exciting, yet sad at the same time. You will have to say bye to people who you’ve worked with for a very long time. You will be leaving a place that has become very familiar to you. At the same time the thrill and excitement of meeting new people and being in a different atmosphere will come upon you.

Another great example of a paradox is leaving for college. Going off to school is a big deal for most teenagers. They will be away from their parents, away from their homes, and away from the one place they knew so well. They will be leaving behind the only friends they knew and meeting new ones. It can definitely be a time of sadness having to say good-bye to their parents. At the same time, they are embarking on a new journey that starts the rest of their lives. It’s sad to leave, but they’re happy to go.

At last, one of the biggest, and perhaps most important, paradoxes one can face is the feeling of death. When someone close to you dies it’s an automatic feeling of sorrow and sadness, but at the same time if they were sick and struggling to live you’re happy they are in a better place. A place where they won’t have to hurt anymore, a place where they can be at peace with themselves. The fact that you’ll never see them again can be very devastating, but knowing that they won’t have to go through anymore pain is relieving.

As one can tell, there are many ways someone can experience a paradox. Whether it’s through a new job, a new school, or the loss of someone special, there are always mixed feelings when it comes to these things. So feeling happy yet sad is a normal way that many can express their emotions.


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